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Notes on a gift received in the post

A photograph of an antique typewriter

The notes Benito Kobayashi made as he opened an unexpected letter from a dear friend in Berlin formed the rough outline of a prose poem responding to the missive that contained a gift of two clarinet reeds.

Notes on a gift received in the post

I have a book of emotions that I often refer to when I think about a person, that person might be you. In the index, I scan for the feeling, the feeling that is your words, your thoughts, your actions, your reflection.

In this book, that I visit, this place of reflected now, I recall the meaning for our friendship and think my Gott wow.

Excitement, most often comes to mind, für the joy of your sarcastic wit. The tease of your frown smile Freundin.

In your gift to me, it’s not the object, but the thought of its use, that delights my desire to be euphoric in phonosympathetic admiration.

Danke dearest surprise. I shall wanderlust misplaced notes bridged by accidental harmonies until we can meet again in Berlin, or Rome, but somewhere our friendship will call home.

Notes on a gift received in the post: By Benito Kobayashi. Image: “Antique Typewriter” By thirdparty via adobe stock, licensed by Splashlime for prose and poetry.

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