Beginnings by Benbo Smith

Beginnings, a collection of prose poetry by Benbo Smith was first published in 2016 by Splashlime in paperback. Now in ebook it has found a new audience amongst those looking for social change.

Beginnings – Benbo SmithThe precision and careful choice of wording showcases Smith’s incredible talent and each poem is delivered to the reader with a powerful punch. I particularly liked that Smith’s poetry doesn’t follow any specific format and can at times be quite jarring to read. This added an interesting dimension when reading and felt in keeping with the topic of conversation. Whilst Smith uses German, Scottish and other regional dialect throughout his poetry, he doesn’t assume that readers will understand and his addition of footnotes was particularly helpful when reading.

Cover image of the prose poetry collection, Beginnings, by Bennbo Smith
Beginnings – Benbo Smith

Both the Paperback and eBook are available from Amazon.