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Flowers of the Arctic Wind

forget me not flowers on a snow white background

Tamiko Ono’s delightful short poem reflects on a moment of joyful togetherness in a cold world.

Flowers of the Arctic Wind

Snow fell against his glove,
They grow into a pattern of polka-dot jewels,
bright lights to the Arctic wind.
I delight at his joy in showing me,
the new discovery of snow flowers in our lives.
Then as suddenly as they appeared one by one,
they have left us all at once.

by Tamiko Ono. If you would like to read more life affirming poetry, we recommend this book:

Becoming a Wildflower: poetry + prose for courage

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Poem – Flowers of the Arctic Wind by Tamiko Ono, January 2021

Image – “forget-me-not flower isolated on white” By Diana Taliun, licensed for Prose and Poetry by Splashlime via adobe stock. 

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