I Prefer a Horse

girl and horse in a field

With overtones of Stevie Smith, the poem ‘I prefer a horse’, on the surface delivers a light relief. The underside of the poem however has a powerful point to make. It’s time to get out of our cars and re-embrace nature, albeit in Clare Chadwick’s mind selectively.

I Prefer a Horse

Llamas and Ostrich leave me cold

wriggly puppies l love to hold.

Chickens and Turkeys thank you no,

give me a lovely big eyed doe.

Sheep and goats l do quite like,

not though if l am on a hike.

Likewise free range pigs and cows,

At a distance might strike right.

l do not like dirty feet,

especially in the heat.

So farmyards and farmers l bid goodbye

keep your pig in its sty.

Marching on l see some stables,

in front of which there are some tables.

A glass of cider goes down well

with the bread and cheese that they sell.

Across the road a noble horse

that is my animal of course.

No wet feet or aching limbs.

I saddle up to make my course.

We jump the ditches homeward bound

Up and over every mound.

l love my freedom green machine

No cars, no noise and l keep clean.

Poem – I prefer a horse by Clare Chadwick

Image – “Girl and gray arabian horse lie at sunset on summer pasture” by Vicuschka, licensed for Prose and Poetry by Splashlime via adobe stock.